#694 – Freedom from Attachment: How to Really Be a Badass at Receiving Love! (REBROADCAST)

#694 – Freedom from Attachment: How to Really Be a Badass at Receiving Love! (REBROADCAST)

Are you holding yourself back from receiving the love you want and being your badass self? Or does your need for control and “giving to get” keep you stuck in the same paradigm? Let’s be clear: a badass is not someone who struts around, pretending they don’t need anyone. That’s a victim wearing a suit of emotional armor. A badass when it comes to love is open-hearted, trusting, courageous and vulnerable. A badass takes care of their own emotional wellbeing, and when they’re in a situation where someone doesn’t respect them or their boundaries… a badass removes themself from that situation. A badass is the REAL you.

So how do you stop people pleasing and playing the role of the “good” partner in order to be comfortable as your badass self so you can receive love freely? First, look at what you say you want, and how your actions work against it. If you’re not sure what you want, tune in to today’s episode for a writing exercise that will help you identify your disconnects and help you uncover the motivation behind your actions. Receiving love requires clarity, honesty and openness. There is no magical genie who can grant you “badass” status. The only power capable of doing that is you.

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