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Tracy Crossley

Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Expert on Personal Success! Her work centers on emotional connection—with ourselves and others. She helps you get out of your head to uncover the belief system that drives your behavior, then guides you through emotionally-driven actions to break the patterns that keep you stuck. Read more about Tracy >

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Tracy's Certified Coaches

Tracey Archambeault

As a personal life coach I help people get unstuck by connecting their heart and their brain, and by guiding them to discover the limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior they have used to back themselves into a corner…

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Legan Moore

This work completely transformed my ability to love and value myself for ME, which affected every aspect of my life. I started pursuing goals I had put off for years due to fear of failure. I am more loving, brave, trusting…

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Max Roth

When I was young, I was the stereotypical loner in school. I was very nerdy, awkward, and kept to myself because of intense fear and anxiety. It didn’t help that I was also severely bullied for many years and my parents…

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Nan Ye

About Nanlan Ye: As a detail-oriented recovering perfectionist, my role had always been the one to save the day in both business and personal life.  But satisfaction, inner peace, and healthy relationships seemed out of reach…

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Pam Tyson Kennedy

Seven years ago I contacted Tracy. I had been through a particularly hard breakup and was fed up with my love life. In my romantic life, it resembled the movie “Groundhogs Day”! I’d pick the same guy, different day, over and over…

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Christina Marcussen

I spent my life putting other’s needs before mine, thinking that my perfectionism would keep me “safe” and make me “accepted”. It was a false sense of security. I also believed that life and relationships were hard work and never…

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Rosalind Minto

Growing up in a dysfunctional home with a bipolar, alcohol-dependent mother, I learned at a young age to neglect my feelings and engage with the world outside of myself. My coping skill was to achieve, which my brother…

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Colleen McCool

Three years ago the thought of publishing a biography of myself online would have paralyzed me in fear: fear of what others would think, fear of not doing it “right,” fear of rejection, fear of not being chosen. I would have…

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