Coach Pam Tyson Kennedy

Tracy Crossley Certified Coach

Seven years ago I contacted Tracy. I had been through a particularly hard breakup and was fed up with my love life. In my romantic life, it resembled the movie “Groundhogs Day”! I’d pick the same guy, different day, over and over…and I’d end up in the same place. I was done with this cycle. The one thing I knew was I was the common denominator; I definitely had a pattern.

I had ready many books on my issues but just couldn’t seem to apply my what I learned. Through my work with Tracy, I found the roots of my patterns (fathers death at an early age, alcoholism in family, not being taught to express my feelings, etc) I had abandonment issues, people pleasing issues, anxious avoidant tendencies and well, just a lot of fear! Slowly, but surely, we peeled the onion – and it took time, because this work doesn’t happen overnight!

My life began to change when I started to dig deep and use the techniques Tracy taught me. I began to feel my feelings, not stuff them or strategize to keep them at bay. I began to express myself without the fear of people leaving me and I became ok in expressing myself where I may have disappointed people – because I was being my TRUE self. I realized not being my authentic self was what brought me pain. I was living a lie for a long time.

I learned to pay attention to my triggers and dig deep to where they started and why they were there. I found out that many of these old fears were just that – OLD fears from my childhood. Old wounds that had needed healing. Nothing that rang true today in the present moment. The truth is you could have the best parents in the world but we may still have some unresolved issues! Through this work you too can move past your issues.

Today I am happily married with a sweet little 5 month old girl who is my world. Without doing this work I wouldn’t be where I am today – this is for sure. I have learned to communicate be self aware and to walk through my fears. It has been life changing. I’ve grown so much over the years. I’ve had the courage to start my own a fitness company with a great partner and last year I realized a big piece of my heart was in coaching so I studied under Tracy. I want to share with you the gifts that have made me the person I am today. I look forward to working with you and seeing you grow!


Payment Plan # of Payments  Payment Amt.  Price per Session  Total 
One payment 1 $3,500.00 $134.62 $3,500.00
3 payments 3 $1,349.00 $155.65 $4,047.00
One-off session 1 $175.00 $175.00 $175.00
6 Laser session package 1 $600.00 $600.00 $600.00


Normal coaching plans are for 45 min sessions spanning a 6 month period (26 Sessions)

Laser sessions (these are 15-20 minute sessions meant to focus on one thing during the session)