Written By Cristina DiMeglio


Divinity, to me

is arms spread wide open

universal threads weaving harmonies through my ribs like a bow to a violin.

Divinity, to me

is springing forth from the power in my toes,

leaping into

quantum matter

into the abyss of humanity

dancing with shadows

turning phantoms, into LOVE!

The alchemy of the in-between, the formless.

Divinity, to me

is drinking up the stardust that encapsulates time and space

proclaiming this body

flesh and blood

a vessel of creation.

This Body

This feminine, curvaceous temple

swoops in like the ocean

washes away dark matter

fills them with…acceptance.

Divinity, to me

is Creation

Making fire from two lonely sparks

igniting from lips betrothed to Universe

Creating and re-creating the consciousness of NOW

making sacred these fingerprints.

Each person I touch

is left changed…

because the signature of ALL things,

signs its truth through my name.

I. AM.