How to Receive the Love You Want:

A Masterclass with Tracy Crossley

 Starts October 25th!

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Whether you are single or in a relationship this is for you. You feel like you do well with things you accomplish in your life, people tell you all the time–wow I can’t believe you did that! Or no one works as hard as you! It may be hard to hear because of the insecurity of one glaring area in your life that doesn’t work well… and that is when it comes to love.

Ask yourself: what is happening in my love life that feels dissatisfying? What is it that feels like it is on repeat? How hard have I worked to change my love life? I bet the answer to these questions is one of frustration. 

You may feel you have done everything you can think of to change things, but here you are reading this page.

Join Tracy for a LIVE 4-day event to make REAL change that results in feeling more love and a sense of freedom to step towards the love that you know you deserve.

When you let go of your need for life to be a certain way, or for someone to show up the way you expect, you make space for the kind of love you truly want.

We start October 25th!

What Is It?

Have the Love You Want No Matter What Is Going on in Your Life is a LIVE video Masterclass inside a dedicated Facebook group. Join Tracy LIVE each day to talk about how to shift, allow, and receive the love that you want. She will also discuss the difference between attachment and love so you see your patterns behind the frustration, and shift your motivation towards transformation. Put a check mark on the action items at the top of your to-do list! 


✅  Love

✅  Love


This is not a magic bullet!

Learn and experience clarity to transform your love life! If you want to continue with additional ongoing support, Tracy will tell you how to get that.

When Is It?

The Masterclass runs October 25-28, with new material presented LIVE each day at 12PM PDT/3pm EDT. This event is interactive; participation is encouraged. Video replays will be available, but catching it live may give you the fist bump you need!

What Will I Get?

  • Hours of live focused content delivered by Tracy inside a dedicated Facebook group
  • A companion workbook to use during the Masterclass for deeper exploration and self-reflection
  • Live coaching and role-playing to experience Tracy’s teaching in action
  • Your questions answered with direct access to Tracy and her team

How Much Is It?

This 4-day event is FREE. 

If you pre-order my new book, Overcoming Insecure Attachment, you will get access to a Happy Hour with me on 10/29! We will chat, drink wine, answer any questions, and go over a chapter in the book!

Just forward your book order confirmation to and we will grant you complimentary access. It’s that easy.

Why Should I Join?

You’re tired of feeling like sh*t on the inside and like you’ve got it together on the outside when it comes to your love life.

You are an action-taker in other parts of your life and you know if you had some solutions to the love you struggle to get, you would run with it and make changes happen!  

You’re ready to understand what is contributing to where you are right now, and what you can change. Empowerment begins with awareness!

How Do I Join?

Register below for FREE, then check your email for further instructions, including a link to join the private Facebook group. We look forward to seeing you LIVE starting October 25th!

Join the Masterclass Starting October 25th!


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