Magical Rewriting of Your Story


Calling this little gem, MAGIC!

One of my clients dubbed it exactly this ‘magic’  or voodoo that I do and so I am sticking with it!

What do I do?

I do energetic writing to clear beliefs and make space for what you really want in your life, it can seem like magic, because you will notice you feel differently right away. Just like my other energy work, you’ll feel lighter, relaxed and calmer. Both will get to working with the subconscious and beliefs, but this is way more focused!

It will actually feel like you’ve been given a whole new plan of action that feels quite natural.

How does it work?

  1. We have a 10-15 minute chat, I get all the details from you by asking some pertinent questions. I hone in on a certain area of struggle, one you’ve been challenged by for years or a long period of time.
  2. We then hang up the phone and your part is complete for now.
  3. I then work with your higher self (this work is accepted according to your own soul’s evolution), which I give directions to on what beliefs, patterns and stories need to be rewritten. I do this through my writing. Yes it is like magic!
  4. The story unfolds intuitively, from your energy and higher source to my pen. I am just the conduit.
  5. I text or email you once it is complete.
  6. Results will be felt right away, but especially over the coming days and weeks.

Most people experience a shift. They find themselves doing things that they were stuck thinking about, and now have the desire combined with the energy to take action on. Many find that their old story about this particular part of their life or situation feels different to them. They see it differently and therefore make different decisions.

I find it hard to put into words exactly how powerful this process is, and of course, how well this works for those who want to really accelerate their growth and life with my mentoring combined!

Imagine it as a prescription for what ails you, and this specific process described here is what you go through to get to the other side.

If you’re interested in re-writing your story, or some part of it, where your beliefs have got you stuck or feeling as though things will never change…..get ready for a “super-size me” SHIFT.

Price: $100

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