What’s Holding You Back from The Life You Want?

YOU… and That’s Actually Good News.

Transform Your Life and Relationships with My Mastery Group Program

I’m Ready for a Change

Change Yourself from the Inside Out

Mastery is a group coaching program that will forever change how you see yourself.

Instead of believing life works against you, experience the power and freedom of owning your shit so you can fix what isn’t working and determine your own path forward. I’ll show you how.

Everyone Deserves to Be Happy

(Yes, Even YOU!)

Your subconscious beliefs are running the show, leading you away from what you want.

Which of these are setting the course of your life?

“I’m not good enough”

“It’s just not in the cards for me”

“I’m meant to be alone”

“This is all I deserve”

“I’m too broken to be loved”

“All the good ones are taken”

“There must be something wrong with me”

“I don’t belong, I’m a misfit”

“Nothing comes easily to me”

“I have to work harder than others”

Take Action Today

These beliefs aren’t true, but they feel true because you’ve held onto them since childhood.

When left unchallenged, they can lead to:

Toxic Relationships

Choosing partners who trigger anxiety, make you feel unworthy, and deplete you emotionally


Fear of being seen for who you really are (disguised in a socially-acceptable wrapper)


Settling for small bits of love and attention, believing it’s all you deserve


Catering to others at the expense of yourself to avoid criticism and upsetting the apple cart

Emotional Numbness

A coping mechanism to feel “safe,” robbing you of joy, love, and self-acceptance

If not now… when?

I’m Ready to Join

Lighten Your Load

Mastery helps you release the limitations, self-doubt, and patterns that keep you stuck so you can cultivate more of what you already possess (yep, it’s in there, hiding under your protective layers). The true essence of YOU will emerge once you remove the emotional armor you’ve worn for so long. You will feel lighter, freer, and ready to let others in.

Let go of:

control, resistance, anxiety, anger, blame, rigidity, self-sabotage, manipulation, strategizing, drama, fantasy, and expectations. Embrace and nurture: awareness, surrender, possibility, abundance, love, vulnerability, trust, curiosity, intimacy, joy, ease, fun, self-expression, commitment, peace, clarity, and emotional freedom.

The Healing Power of Acceptance

Acceptance is the antidote to resistance, and it’s what a happy, fulfilled life is built on. Mastery will guide you toward accepting:

  • Who you are, including your flaws
  • Other people, including THEIR flaws
  • All of your feelings: the good, bad and ugly
  • Reality exactly as it is, not what you want it to be
  • Responsibility for your actions, including the ones you aren’t proud of

Why Mastery

Mastery is designed for ACTION because you can’t think your way to change

Accountability to keep you progressing

The intimacy of 1:1 coaching with the support of a group

24/7 access wherever you are in the world

A cohort of people who struggle with similar issues—you’re not alone!

The only way to get out of pain and stop attracting more is to feel your pain. I’ll hold your hand and lead you through it.

Meet Tracy

From insecurely attached to happily married

Tracy Crossley knows the emotional roller coaster of anxiety and attachment first-hand. She shares her experiences with equal parts empathy and humor, attracting thousands of podcast listeners and hundreds of clients who appreciate her candid style.

Her work centers on emotional connection—with ourselves and others—to help you get out of your head and uncover the belief system that drives your behavior. In her 12+ years of coaching, she has discovered lasting change requires three critical steps:

  1. Awareness
  2. Feeling your Feelings
  3. Action

The tools in Mastery incorporate all three, which is why participants experience such profound shifts. Self-help books and courses can be helpful for increasing awareness, but they often fall short when it comes to emotional connection and action.

As Seen On

Get Ready To Stop Cringing At Yourself!

If you commit to this work, you will not be the same person a year from now. Even better… you will never go back to the way you were. You may stumble, but you won’t return to the starting line. In fact, you will probably look back at past behavior and cringe! Get ready to embrace those moments because they demonstrate just how far you’ve come.

What else can you expect? Based on feedback from Mastery participants, you can make huge strides toward:

  • Understanding the motivation behind your actions
  • Loving and accepting yourself as the beautifully f’ed up human you are
  • Boosting your self-worth and sense of value
  • Filling your own tank rather than looking for others to fill it for you
  • Playing a bigger game; no more limitations on what you can have
  • Allowing your feelings instead of avoiding or numbing (and knowing you can handle them!)
  • Dealing with emotional triggers in a healthy way—no more flying off the handle
  • Accepting reality, even if you don’t like it
  • Surrendering to what is outside of your control while acting on what IS in your control
  • Setting boundaries so you don’t feel like a doormat
  • Acting from a place of love instead of fear
  • Forgiving yourself and others
  • Attracting a healthy partner

What Members are Saying

Their lives have changed for the better, and so can yours!


What she didn’t expect!


What she learned!


It helped her to make a choice!


Her transformation

” I struggled with anxiety and depression all my life. I have never NEVER EVER felt this much consistent sense of happiness and well-being daily in my life. My life was transformed by finding your work and the community. And all of this after my life “fell apart” as my ex fiancé left me and pretty much ghosted me. Will you give yourself a huge hug for me for doing so much good in this world?” – Maria M.

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I have done coaching in the past. How is this different?2021-05-06T10:37:52-07:00

a: Mastery is based on feedback from participants in my other programs, so it’s the best of what works. The content is designed to push you out of your comfort zone, but the pacing is not overwhelming. The combination of coaching calls, written assignments, video check-ins, mini break-out groups, and accountability is designed to challenge you from different angles. There is nowhere to hide in Mastery, and that’s the point because that’s where change happens! And if you haven’t done group coaching before, you don’t know the power of being with others who understand you. Knowing you’re not alone breaks down the common belief there is something wrong with you. It’s pretty powerful and life-changing.

I’ve tried other methods (therapy, coaching, courses, books) and nothing has really changed. This probably won’t work for me.2021-05-06T10:41:42-07:00

a: Believing you’ll be unsuccessful is a self-worth issue. People who join may not feel great about themselves and what drives them to sign up is they are sick of the same issue! Remember until you get to I can’t do this anymore, your subconscious will say, “See, you don’t deserve this or I do not want to lose the crap I know, for what I don’t!” It will be uncomfortable, but sooo good to open yourself up to seeing and doing things differently. Everything in life has a priority and your life reflects what you prioritize, so where will you be one year from now, if you keep doing the same thing? There are no magic beans.

How do I know if I’m ready?2021-05-06T10:42:53-07:00

a: How often do you say: I can change on my own? Or…things are not that bad? If that is still your mantra then you will avoid change. Once you get sick of the same answer to those same questions and know that you need help it is when the ocean parts ways and you’re ready. It’s when what you want becomes your priority rather than avoiding change or pain. When you say yes to yourself, and don’t find excuses (I don’t have the money or the time or whatever) then you should sign up. Your subconscious does a great job of trying to keep you the same; it believes saber-toothed tigers are out there. Ask yourself is: Am I fulfilled in my life and relationships? If no, the next one is: Am I willing to dig deep to uncover the roots of my unhappiness? If so, then sign up! My tribe is a lot of Avoidants (anxious ones), which means you’ll be amongst friends who are encouraging and supportive.

I really don’t like groups. Can’t I make these changes on my own?2021-05-06T10:44:46-07:00

a: We have all tried some combination of self-help books, podcasts, courses, spiritual talks, etc. But where are you? How long does that information last? All my avoidants are not group people, until they are in this group. They come to realize how life-altering it is—minds blown!! We hold you accountable so you take action even when it’s uncomfortable. Doing work on your own makes it too easy to HIDE from the hard stuff… which means big shifts won’t happen. You may believe you’re a private person, but shame can keep you from letting others know your issues… and shame wins every time you shut down, so it’s a BIG reason you SHOULD join. You think you are alone in your struggles. You’re not. Mastery will show you that.

You deserve to be happy. Twelve months is a short time to change in contrast to how long you have been unhappy! Join me today!

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