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Women Leaders are the present and future; we do the hard things better.

Most female leaders are of greater value than they believe, and that is the main issue. On this podcast we aim to look at where women leaders are stuck under their own thumb. By digging into the obstacles, the stories, the current trajectory, progress, and more, my goal is to bring it to the forefront of transformation.

Society, the patriarchy and don’t forget the matriarchy, have been dictating the descriptive and prescriptive bias for centuries; unfortunately it is internalized for most female leaders. Whether they consciously pay attention to their mindset or not,the background noise limits them in their goals. It is time for a change, where not only the inherent value of a female leader is elevated in discussion, but that it becomes intrinsic. Self-doubt, comparison, competition, judgment and communication that never breaks the surface are at a tipping point of standing in the way of progress that could reshape this world. 

Join me for some action-packed episodes where you can learn tips for change in my solo episodes and listen in to some interesting conversations about changing female leaders trajectory from the inside out.

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