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In the Winter of 2012 Tracy’s article on “doing what you passionately love and the money will come to you” was published in Law of Attraction Magazine

<<Doing what you passionately love and the money will come>>

Here is a list of all of Tracy’s articles for the elephant journal (oldest to newest):

Destructive Ways to Happiness

I’ll Take a Side of Unconditional Love With That

Label, Label on the Wall Who’s the Ginchiest of them all?

The Language of Relationships Part I

I am a Recovering Relationship Demolisher

Where’s My Universal Fairy Godmother?

Embracing My Flaws

Spoonfeeding My Man One Subject At A Time

I am an asshole, how about you?

Relationship Killer #1.

Do you have the courage to really love?

Between Hope & Hell.

Are you the ghost of relationships past?

What I know.

Five signs of true love.

The Depression List.

I Lost Myself.

Do you have the strength for happiness?

Walking on Eggshells


The Pain Games

The Magic in Kindness

Is Love Worth it?

50 Lashings Please!

Is Failure your favorite fetish?

The secret I love about Men

Soulmate: Read back of Bottle for Instructions

Am I meant to be Alone Forever?

You wanna know, what?

The Pandemonium of Disappointment

Psychic Readings and Truth

My Summer of Loving Lessons

Letting go when you can’t

Risk…the craziness

Be your own change

Stop the monsters from creating dating hell

Is it Love or Bad Medicine?

What’s going on in your Messed Up Head?

Takin’ a chance on Love

Married to Fear

The Emotional Baggage Tossers

Why I Live in the Past

Awareness: 6 tips for getting clear on what you want

How to make a relationship work in 7 steps

I was raised to be an angry woman

If I love you so much, why do I treat you this way?

Are You A Free Bird?

Regret is a choice: 6 Tips to live now.

The Truth Hurts. 5 Tips on How to Say It.

4 Ways to Keep Yourself Real.

Are you living in your heart?

6 Tips on Allowing Love to Attract Love

Is it Love or Desperation?

3 Reasons Our Relationships Give Us Grief

6 Ways to Get The Love We Deserve

10 Things for A Happy Relationship

5 Ways To Tell You’re Growing as An Individual (In a relationship)

5 Traits of a Good Relationship

The Art of Communication

Why We Choose Who We Choose

When We Feel Insecure in Our Relationship, We Find Ways to Create Drama

Break Free: Releasing Anger in 4 Steps

Solutions For A Toxic Relationship

Deserving Love: It’s Personal

Radical Love

5 Ways To feel Amazing

10 Ways to Make Life Juicy

Complaining won’t help, try this instead!

How to Receive Love

What to do When We Think There’s Something Wrong with Ourselves.

Reacting Emotionally in a Relationship is Not a Mistake.

My Virtual Relationship

5 Things That Happen When We Fall In Love With Ourselves

The Happiness Manifesto

Why Do We Make Everything So Difficult?

3 Ways To Access Everyday Intuition

Lessons that I love to learn over and over again!

Breaking The Rules: 3 Tips for a More Fulfilling Life

Now What? What To Do When The Last Relationship Ends.

The Last Relationship

The Substance of Love

Manifesting in Life is Like Manifesting An Orgasm

What Would Love Do

Is a Half Relationship Really Better Than The Alternative?

5 Tips for Successful Dating

Saying Sorry Is Not The Same As I Love You

It’s Not Me, It’s You

I Will Never Change Him

I am on your doorstep, but I don’t love you or want a commitment

Are you looking for a happy ending?

Why do they stick around when they won’t give you anything?

Why lowering your expectations in a relationship is a bad idea

4 Reasons Why Relationships End

Filling our own emptiness

On Chasing Love

Why We Should Be Throwing The No Contact Rule Out The Window

5 Quick Ways to Kickstart Your Life Change

He Takes Out The Trash

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being Stuck In A Relationship

5 Reasons You May Not Be Ready For A New Relationship

Are You A Mind Reader In Your Relationship?

The Hesitant Male


Tracy is a blogger for the Huffington Post, here is a list of her posts:

How to Hold Others Accountable? Don’t Bother

Drama as a Distraction.

5 Traits of a Good Relationship (first published on elephant journal)

10 Tips To Being Deliciously Happy

Marriage Doesn’t Solve Your Problems, if Anything it Makes Them Worse!

Do You Want a Relationship to Change?

Do You Believe in Love?

Take The Difficulty Out of Your Relationships.

The F*ck It List!

The No Drama Guide

Find More Love! Everyday tips for Confidence!

The Power of Presence

The Reality of Love

Manifesting Your Life id Like Manifesting An Orgasm

Why Am I Still Single?

Breaking the no contact rule

The Manifesting List

I Can’t Change Him