Written By Cristina DiMeglio


When your belief systems start to shift and your perspective changes,  you will undoubtedly notice your surroundings change as well. This includes all the people directly involved in your life.

In my own awakening process, I remember being so afraid of going to seminars/workshops that made promises of “shifts” taking place in my reality.  I had no idea what that meant and some of their marketing claims made me feel like I would be this whole new and different person,  unrecognizable by the end of said seminar. This alone intrigued me AND made me shy away. I didn’t want to change; I just wanted to feel better. I guess I thought I would turn into some sort of toad and would be left all alone OR no one would like/accept me. Does this sounds familiar to you? The first steps toward your own awakening are scary and so much emotionally comes up that its easy to just let it all go by the wayside.

In spite of that fear and being sick and tired of being sick and tired, curiosity got the best of me and I signed up for the seminars and read the books. I don’t know if that counts as an act of courage. I would hope so, but I was nonetheless going into these things totally blind and skeptical.

If you’re in a place where you’re teetering on the edge of living the way you are (e.g. not fulfilled) OR heading in a totally unknown direction and fearful of losing yourself, here is what I learned soon after taking the plunge: my whole life didn’t change. At least not right away.

MW_ThinkBeThese seminars and coaches simply gave me something I didn’t think I had before: a choice.  I didn’t just leave a workshop and one week later find myself  waking up next to Ian Somerhalder in a mansion in Malibu where I lived happily ever after…  nope.  That would be Hollywood’s version of new age self-help.  This is not about using The Secret and making cardboard posters of money and exotic cars. This is about having a willingness to let go of who you think you are quite simply so you can become.

Do you know who you are, REALLY?

I left these workshops the same way I went in BUT with a fresh perspective to try on. I like to think of these perspectives as clothes in my closet, and I can pick and choose what feels good and throw the rest away. These workshops didn’t offer actual tools like a hammer or screws, they offered choices in places I never thought I even had. And these choices would indeed change your whole life around if you committed to them 100%.

This is where I admittedly have been lax in the past. I would commit,  but only half-way. If I want more LOVE in my life but I am half-assed in loving myself and others, well, its self- defeating. I limit my love.  If I want people to care about me and what I am doing, I must care for them. Sometimes its hard to fully accept that we are creators when we so easily want to blame our circumstances and everyone in them.

On the path of awakening, you start to challenge the beliefs and mindsets that you have had your whole life.  It’s not an easy job… but neither is maintaining an illusion when faced with truth.

When you start to awaken to your truth, you will feel chaotic. You will feel like you have lost control. The people in your life may think you’re crazy. They will say you have changed. Some will depart without you having to say or do anything. This will hurt and it always does. You have to remind yourself that their absence is about them, not you. You will feel like your world is falling apart because sometimes everything has to fall apart in order to fall together. And when you feel almost broken, keep going. Get on your knees and surrender to the universe. When you reach the bottom of the rabbit hole you will, in essence, be re-born.

You certainly won’t die, but sometimes it will feel that way. When your ego wants to desperately hold onto something that seemingly defines you, it will feel as if you have lost your identity. I promise you, you haven’t. Our conditioning is sometimes so strong that our stories around our emotions make this feel like a heavy-duty detox.  You will feel tired. You will feel tender. But your heart will swell with a love and peace much greater than you could have possibly felt before.  Its time to clean the windows of your person. Get the dirt and grime off so you can finally see the view of the world with clear and crisp vision.  Illusion is all the grime. Truth is the sparkle in real clarity.

You will keep learning about yourself the rest of your life, so the path of awakening isn’t some “one time” deal. It’s a way of living with more love, compassion, and peace.

I invite you into a sacred space with me to find your truth and declare it.