Ever pay attention to your thoughts and accompanying feelings during your day? Perhaps hearing certain ones over and over, along with the same feelings over and over?

Stick with ’em and really listen to their force, diction and feeling. Often there’s lack at the base.

“I can’t do that”

“I can’t have that”

“I am not good enough”

“It’s impossible”

“This is it, there ain’t no more”

Noticing the majority of our thoughts as repetitive, centered on lack and limitation, colors our present and future. It reminds us that we don’t deserve more, and (even greater) how life appears to work against us.

In looking back on my life, the events where I felt burdened, heavy, angry and just plain sad were generated by my thoughts and feelings. It created my perspective. I couldn’t help myself. I remember saying hopeless words to myself while trying to dress a pile of shit into a fashion model.

Excuses, blame and inertia go together. It can fool us into thinking this is it! It makes us unable to move toward fulfillment. If “Life is hard” is truth, we create it and should instead ask, “What am I afraid of having happen?”

Leaving the unfulfilling known hardship is frightening because the known misery is safer than the unknown!

“Life is great” is only a true statement if we create it.

Notice the lack inside of us causes us to focus on lack outside of us; it’s a reflection. But we don’t see it as a reflection, we see it as a prison.

When I signed up to work with a business coach recently, deep inside I knew two things:

First, unless I did something different, my business would always be the same. That scared me; it was a limiting thought. Second, I needed the discomfort of the unknown; not just listening to my coach, but trusting I would enact her words, and believing I could do it!

It took me realizing that no one was going to wave a magic wand for my life to change. It had nothing to do with change in others or my outer circumstances. I had to release what was steering my ship toward unnecessary rough waters.

Most of us have an iron grip on our daily routines, holding on for dear life. Hey, it’s familiar! Wake up, go to work, do yoga, come home, walk the dog, work more… then what?

As much as we say we’re miserable, we won’t give up the confines of our day by doing something different. Nope, we like to face the same challenges over and over.

But what if we find expansion in life? Possibility, freedom, excitement, creativity, passion and love?

When moving out of lack and impossibilities–or let’s call it what it really is: fear— we feel so insignificant, undeserving and doomed to fail that we stop.

We DO NOT trust ourselves.

I’ve spoken with amazingly creative people and yet, they don’t paint, dance, write or draw. I’ve spoken with people in dysfunctional relationships (mainly with themselves) and they stay put, afraid of what change will bring.

I’ve spoken with people who say they must sacrifice and yet never arrive because they only know struggle and sacrifice. I’ve spoken with people afraid to express what’s deep within them, and continue with a life of quiet desperation.

Lack parades inside of us with many disguises, making it hard to locate unless we purposefully listen.

Taking those false thoughts around limitation, getting uncomfortable and moving toward abundance requires courage. This means the artist picks up his or her brush, the person stuck in dysfunction realizes he or she is never really alone and those who sacrifice realize they can focus on more, not less, reflecting their own inner trust.

Don’t let the lack in your head keep you stuck, trust your gut and your joy to move you.

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