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30 Days to Healthier Relationships

30 Day Insecure Attachment Cleanse: Your own pace, your own style of commitment, and you like to figure things out on your own. Don’t stop and ask for directions, you are in charge and accountable to you! This is a step into feeling good, finding what makes you tic and get a handle on all those situationships. You’re groovy! Be in charge of your attachments and your choices!

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Manifest Your Honeybun 30 Day Course

Take the course I designed in how I manifested my hubs in 2 months! It is not about being perfect, or anyone else other than you. Get through obstacles, so you are your own Academy Award winning Superstar and attract the love you want in your life.

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What Others are Saying


“Hi Tracy,

Thanks for following up on my progress. The short answer is that doing this course was the best decision I have made to date in 2019 and worth the money. Now to go deeper in my feedback, here it goes.

When I started, I was a basket case. I would be driving and be happy and then all of a sudden, I would start crying a stream of tears for no reason. Yikes ha ha. That eventually stopped as I did the course.

I learned to surrender to the universe, not mentally, but energetically.

I no longer carry anxiety in the pit of my stomach. I stopped living in the past and stopped try to create the future. I started living in the present which I didn’t really know how to do before. I even have a daily reminder on my phone to live in the present to make sure I stay on track.

I had a lot of “ah ha” moments when listening to each day’s lessons.

I started to look at my emotions and my life from a completely different perspective. A perspective that never crossed my mind before.

I opened up to some of my close friends about all of the stuff going on and past me wouldn’t have done that. She would have suffered in silence.

I started taking responsibility where I needed to and stopped being a victim.

I don’t feel stuck energetically anymore, but I feel like I am slowly moving forward. It was weird, one day I was sitting on my couch and I thought “holy shit, I am not stuck energetically anymore, how cool”. And it was a feeling, not something that I tried to create in my mind.

I have started to understand and practice how to operate from a place of abundance rather than scarcity and learning how to dream big rather than limit myself. I have also started to understand how to work with the law of attraction to get what I want and keep what I don’t want away.

I am learning to get out of my head so much and connect more emotionally and spiritually.

I learned from the quiz that I am an avoidant, which makes compete sense.

I learned what attachment is (I had no idea of the concept in the form of romantic relationships).

I am learning to be more authentic, not that I was fake before, but I was more closed off.

I have learned to change my negative beliefs and stop living in that world.

Finding out from day 11 exercise that I can be the perpetrator, victim and rescuer depending on the situation.

With boundaries, I still need to work on these. I think this will take more work to come.

I have also learned how to be generous in the sense of generosity of spirit, and it feels great.

I learned how to stop focusing on others and started focusing on myself and what is important to me and evaluated everything I was doing. If what I was doing didn’t bring value or joy, I stopped it. An example is I would spend a lot of time scrolling through FB and that added no value to me. In fact, I already know what people will post, they post the same shit. Now, if I am on FB it is for work, your FB live videos, and if I just want to goof off, I set a timer and limit myself to 5 minutes of goofing off. I have to indulge sometimes, but in a healthy way.

I am learning more about how energy plays a HUGE role in my life and how to fully manage it. I already knew how energy played a big role in my life but now I see it on a deeper level. I realize now that I really absorb energy and it doesn’t matter if someone is sitting next to me or if I am communicating via email. If someone is happy and positive, that is great because I absorb that. The downside is that if someone is unhappy or negative, I would absorb that too. Now I have learned how to identify when this is happening, and I have learned how to block that negative energy. I have also learned that changing my attitude to the negative situation around me makes a huge difference. I already knew that I can’t change people, but I didn’t realize how if I changed myself/attitude towards the situation could completely turn things around in the way I feel.

My relationship with myself is so much better than it was. I am also excited to start dating, not because I want to go on a new date all the time, but to see where I still need to work on myself (i.e. my triggers). That will allow me to feel where things are versus trying to think about where I am.

I am learning how to work with my subconscious, ego and intuition more clearly/effectively.

I have made meditation, being grateful and working with the law of attraction a daily part of my life, even if I can only spend 5 minutes doing it on a busy day. I started writing letters to the future Mr. Aliano (not sure what his name is so this is his name for now ha ha) and to my spirit guide.

Now the true test to see how far I have come, was tested this week. I was notified that my job at work is being eliminated and I have 2 weeks of work and that is it. This is where I had compassion for myself and my situation. Past me would have beaten the SHIT out of myself. Saying you are a loser, not smart, not good blah blah blah. Those thoughts NEVER crossed my mind and when I realized that and realized that I actually had compassion for myself, that was HUGE. I also am not carrying anger which is not a thing I would have done in the past. In the past, I would have thought “that person is a total fucking bitch” (insert every negative thought possible). This negative part just didn’t happen, and it was natural. I truly know that this happening in my life is for the better and this door that is closing will be making room for another wonderful door opening. This is not coming from a place of denial but knowing that life is getting rid of something negative to make room for something amazing. I am also looking forward to my new time off and embracing it and looking forward to the new wonderful changes that are coming. At the same time, I am taking an honest look at where I can improve from the situation and where some things were not in my control.

Now moving forward, I am looking forward to continuing on working on myself. What a fantastic and interesting journey.

The best is yet to be.


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