#356- I Am Not Getting My Way! I Am Going To…

Do you want people to act a certain way, treat you a certain way or do things the way you want them done? Do you expect them to live up to your standards of what is acceptable, or who you think they should be? The problem with expectations is they lead to disappointment. So when someone inevitably lets you down, do you blame them or nag them until you get your way? Do you threaten to leave? What is your favorite flavor of ultimatum, and how far will you go to get your way?

The root of these expectations and the need to have things your way is based in lack. If you were filled with love for yourself, it wouldn’t matter what other people did or didn’t do. The problem isn’t the person who doesn’t live up to your expectations—it’s your need for those expectations in the first place. If you are constantly irritated by what your partner eats and you nag him/her to make different choices, ask yourself why. What does it trigger inside of you and what meaning do you give it? Until you account for what drives you, you will continue creating expectations to compensate for your feeling of lack and live in a cycle of disappointment.






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