Overcoming Insecure Attachment

8 Proven Steps to Recognizing Anxious and Avoidant Attachment Styles and Building Healthier, Happier Relationships

By Tracy Crossley

You are successful and accomplished in your life…


Instead of putting more effort into what isn't working, I'll show you a different way (one that actually leads to what you want)!

Whether you are single or in an unfulfilling relationship, this book provides actionable steps on how to overcome insecure attachment styles and the problems they spawn with self-value, self-awareness and self-responsibility.

You will follow eight proven steps, based on more than 12 years of coaching, that you can customize to your specific situation.

These steps are...


  1. Avoiding your fears and attaching to outcomes
  2. Trying to be perfect
  3. People pleasing
  4. Looking for problems to solve
  5. Going against yourself as a victim/martyr (saying yes when you mean no, and vice versa)
  6. Assuming and personalizing


  1. Taking responsibility
  2. Feeling your true feelings

Stop fear and anxiety from smothering the way you live your life, and stop settling for relationships that aren’t right for you. Overcoming Insecure Attachment will teach you how to break down your subconscious beliefs and create emotional connections with yourself and others for healthier relationships and a happier life.

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