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Tracy Crossley

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Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Relationship Expert and Published Author! Her work centers on busting through patterns of behavior through emotional work—to transform you from the inside out. The purpose is to deliver you the opportunity to up your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and experience happy healthy relationships. The work begins with deepening your self-awareness, so your limiting beliefs and patterns become obvious to you–not as a thought, but from another perspective meant to transform your EQ.

As someone who has struggled with impostor syndrome and insecure attachment issues for most of her life, Tracy shares her experiences with equal parts empathy, and humor. She’s been there, and knows how much change is available to others who refuse to settle. With a background in psychology, an innate emotional intuition, somatics, and building from her own personal experience, Tracy is able to zero in on your obstacles for a true shift. With no b.s., she is your co-pilot in navigating you out of anxiety, problem-focused thinking and feeling like your personal life is a trainwreck. You will learn to trust yourself to make healthy, happy choices that allow high-performance individuals to have a sense of well-being.

My Story

from victim to empowered, happy and whole

I’ve always been an entrepreneur with stints in corporate positions. For years I had my own marketing agency and I even launched a cookie business.

I am a book lover! One in particular, “Calling In The One,” was also perfectly timed as I had someone in my life I couldn’t let go of. In an effort to “resolve” the situation, I booked an appointment with the book’s author, Katherine Woodward Thomas. I was hoping she could save me from myself.


The Universe Had Other Plans

Because the universe works in interesting ways, it wasn’t the session that turned things around.

In Katherine’s office, I met her business partner, Claire Zammit, who needed some marketing and business development work for another one of their programs. Soon after, I was invited to work for their Feminine Power Conference, conducting audience interviews for testimonials. Claire asked me to train with them as a coach for “Calling In The One.” My response was, “Thank you, but no thank you.” I had no interest in sitting through days of training. Eventually, after a lot of prodding by her and her husband, I agreed to do it.

The Call To Coaching

I was told over and over by several people that I was a natural coach. But it did sink in.

It’s not what I pictured for myself. By this point, I had done some work on myself but I was still a hot mess. During this time [2008], I lost most everything including my house and my wonderfully avoidant, delusional relationship, but when I was coaching those people for an hour each week, I was in focus. I was in step with them.

After I lost my house, a friend took me in, I had no money to eat regularly or put gas in my tank, but hey when you have nothing…why not spend frivolous money! I turned to a psychic who I picked out of a phone book. I needed someone to tell me things would get better. Strangely, the woman misunderstood me when I called and thought I was looking for a JOB as a psychic. Without putting much thought into it, I accepted.


Synchronistic Opportunities

Another string of meetings included a therapist with who I became friends. It was through her that a series of events unfolded and I was asked to give psychic readings in her beautiful new age store. It was there that I finally decided to start coaching. I took more training from Dr. Rosie Kuhn who had developed a transformative coaching program at a post-graduate university.

Chugging Along

For the first few years, I had no website or online presence as I saw everyone in person. Finally arrived in the digital world with my business, as I started writing a blog.  I wrote about the on-again, off-again relationship I experienced, hoping to achieve some level of clarity. I cringed every time I published a post because I felt so exposed; I always appeared to have my shit together and this was further proof to me that I had fallen down the hole. This level of vulnerability was beyond scary. When I took my writing outside my own platform to elephant journal (and later to Huffington Post) where even more eyes would see it, I cringed but knew it could help many others.

Turning Things Around

It took a while to share my authentic voice, and to realize those who were drawn to me were my tribe. I didn’t have to “be” anything in particular.

By early 2015 I stepped out of my comfort zone by launching my podcast, which has become the source of more than I ever could have expected.

The more authentic I’ve been in my life and my work, the more I’ve received. Years ago, I stopped trying to find clients, they found me. I developed other programs so people could get out of the hell of insecure attachment, being stuck in toxic relationships, and into happy healthy relationships. Further expanding to reflect their sense of wellbeing in personal and professional environments.  EQ matters and my clients were not conditioned to have the mastery of their emotions but transformed their ability to be successful in a deeply fulfilling manner.

My journey certainly hasn’t been a fairy tale (or a straight line!). This business has developed into a multiple six-figure endeavor, which is a testament to this work.

If I can go through the trenches and come out the other side, ANYONE can.

Oh, and my love life? I have struck gold with my wonderful partner (who turned out NOT to be the yo-yo guy).

Interested in working with me?

At this time, I work with businesses and other professional entities (hospitals, schools, etc) by providing workshops and coaching/consulting geared toward breaking the patterns of impostor syndrome, insecure attachment, and other toxic qualities and providing tools to operate with a high-performance EQ.  If you are an individual interested in working with me, please email for an application, please note that one month is a 5 figure investment and a year is a six-figure investment retainer.

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