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Behavioral Relationship Expert

Tracy Crossley

Behavioral Relationship Expert

Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Relationship Expert for Personal Success whose work centers on Insecure Attachment—and all the ways it affects your life. She helps people change through working with their belief system that drives their behavior, and guiding them through emotionally-driven actions to break the patterns that keep them stuck. As someone who struggled with insecure attachment issues for most of her life, Tracy shares her experiences with equal parts empathy and humor. She’s been there. The work she does leads to self-acceptance, emotional freedom and a more authentic life. Learn more about Tracy and the work she does.

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I was in an anxious avoidant relationship. We took turns being the runner and the chaser. It was also the relationship that was the most frustrating and hellish for me.

My reactions to events in this relationship were so visceral and upsetting, I knew I needed to find out where these intense emotions originated (yep, I always found their roots buried in my past) and really deal with them so I could be content in a relationship. That’s when I found you, Tracy Crossley!

With your guidance, I started to work on myself, fully deal with old relationship “baggage”, got crystal clear on what I really want for my life and made it (and me) a top priority. I got comfortable being honest and open with myself and others about what I want in relationships and saying what’s working, and what’s not. I learned to embrace abundance and reject what doesn’t work for me. I started taking responsibility for everything I choose to do, say, think, feel, etc. I learned to compassionately deal with and/or accept imperfections in myself and others…because…all together now, and say it like you own it… YOU CAN’T CHANGE ANYONE! YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF!!!

The only things we can do about other people’s behavior is listen, observe, and feel what impressions they make on us and respond. How we respond is the only thing we can control. Working with you while I was in such an awful rollercoaster ride of a relationship helped me find the reasons for my intense reactions to his inconsistencies and to see that I was being inconsistent, as well. I still feel things deeply (or maybe more so), but my responses are much more calm and rational. I can see triggers for what they are and work through them.

By the way, I took your suggestions on how to manifest the life and love I want (got very specific about what I really wanted, wrote the “letters”, etc.) and it worked amazingly well!!! Thank you!

-Sandy Cook

“I have worked with Tracy over the last few years and found her impact extremely profound. She has a unique way of balancing insight and intuition that helps provide clarity for me on the best ways to approach life. Her incredible disposition combined with her one of a kind guidance has simply been an amazing addition to my life. I am looking forward to working with her for years to come.”

– Chris Tate, CEO

“I’ve had a fair bit of effective counselling over the years after relationship break-ups, so I now have a much better sense of self and personal responsibility. But it wasn’t until I stumbled upon your podcasts that I could see I still had the biggest hurdle to get over—ME! It was like somebody had switched on a light and what I saw wasn’t pretty. Each of your podcasts have had such an impact, and while they are sometimes hard to hear, I totally get it. Thank you so much for what you do, Tracy.”

– Deb T.

“I didn’t realize how much of my power I was giving to others; how much I blamed other people for my feelings. Through Tracy I have learned that most of how I’ve interpreted my feelings over the years was wrong, negative and totally not true. It was just my perception, and me giving meaning to outside events. It ruined a lot of my joy. I love the concepts Tracy teaches, which speak to me and make a lot of sense. I know they have to be practiced and learned on an emotional level over and over, but I’m confident now that I have new tools I trust. I’m grateful to Tracy for providing these tools, and for the awareness I now have around my painful patterns that I didn’t know were part of my thinking for years.”

– Chrissy L.

“Thank you Tracy…for helping bring that real me back! I could never thank you enough!” I am so incredibly grateful ❤️

Kathy O'Neill

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