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Freedom from Attachment Podcast

Formerly Deal With It! Podcast

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“I literally listen to you all day, love the course work, tell everyone to check you out, bc you are literally changing my life in ways I’ve searched FOR YEARS!!! It is crazy how much I used to project my shit and even more crazy how much people in general project. It makes sick. Thank you so much for answering this. Can’t wait to hear. I work during the day, but will definitely watch when I can. Thank you so much Tracy for sharing all your knowledge. I love hearing you, your personal stories, and your laugh. You’re just great!!”

Ami Wolf


“I can’t tell you how helpful and important your podcasts have become to me, and I’m so grateful I came across them.

Tracy your words are amazing. You’re amazing. And thank you for helping us in the way that you do. ❤️”

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