#761: The Fairy Tale

#761: The Fairy Tale

Ever notice the nightmare stories in your mind are not a fairy tale, but you somehow attach a “happy ending” to them? Let’s get into the profound impact of these narratives on our lives. She talks about the path of the fairy tale shaping our expectations and leading us into a skewed fantasy world. Tracy shares her own experiences, and what to do to have a REAL happy ending.  


What You Will Learn:

  • How personal fairy tales create unrealistic expectations and a victim mentality.
  • The impact of societal narratives on personal relationships and self-worth.
  • Learn to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves.
  • Being curious and vulnerable to get what you want.


As long as you have stories instead of curiosity, you never really get to know other people—and you don’t get to know yourself. ~ Tracy Crossley

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