#387- Journey of Attachment: From Go-With-The-Flow to GET ME OUT!

Do you feel like you’re a go-with-the-flow person most of the time… until you hit a big roadblock? This often happens in situations where what you want is totally different from what your partner wants. You try to be flexible, but at some point you feel like everything is pushing against you, leaving you frustrated and angry. It turns out you actually do want your way, and you want it NOW! You want to have the picture in your head so you go from easy-breezy to totally losing it.

Let’s imagine you live with your partner who you recently broke up with. You make it easy on him/her by handing over all the furniture and helping them find a place to live. But instead of accepting your help, they dig their heels in, making things unbearable because they’re pissed about the break-up. Things did not go as you planned, leaving you feeling trapped, stuck and screwed. Growth doesn’t always come in the package you want. Sometimes you have to stay where you are because there is a lesson in it. When there is something for you to work through and you try to leapfrog away from it, you actually shortchange yourself. Instead of staying stuck in frustration, confront your fears and look for the lesson. It is a gift.






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