#389- Journey of Attachment: Deciding to Be Okay Staying in a Dysfunctional Relationship

You’re in a dysfunctional relationship that isn’t making you happy. Your partner doesn’t treat you the way you want, so you’re always complaining and thinking about leaving. But you fear being alone; maybe your lifestyle would drastically change if you were to split. You keep waiting for things to change, and maybe he/she even reacts to something differently than you expect, giving you hope the tide is turning. It doesn’t. Your friends and family encourage you to leave, saying you deserve better, so you berate yourself for staying. This constant struggle between staying and leaving is exhausting, and it distracts you from dealing with the one thing you have control over: YOU.

What if you changed the game, stopped listening to everyone else and gave yourself permission to stay? What if you welcomed this relationship with open arms and used it as an opportunity to grow yourself? When you accept where you are instead of spending all your time and energy wishing things were different, you can start dealing with your fears. Making a conscious choice is empowering, moving you away from victimhood, so you can work on yourself and gain some clarity about what you actually want.






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