#525 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Monica Berg

Monica Berg was a precocious kid, having tea parties with God at the age of three. As she grew up, she lost that spiritual connection, until she found the kabbalah at age 17 and reconnected with that part of herself. She saw people around her chasing happiness and not finding it, so she looked to the kabbalah for guidance down a different path. On her journey, Monica discovered the importance of emotions, and how they are here to tell us something about ourselves. Emotions are also a form of energy that can be transformed into strength, which she drew upon during the most challenging events in her life: an uncle being diagnosed with schizophrenia, an eating disorder, and a son with Down’s Syndrome.

The day she looked in the mirror and saw the skeleton she had become, realizing what she had done to herself, Monica started journaling about her shame and disappointment. Being kind to herself followed. When her son was born, she decided to lean all the way into embracing the unknown. She chose a proactive life instead of a reactive one, believing she alone was responsible for the quality of her life. Today, this self-proclaimed “change junkie” is an international speaker, spiritual thought leader and author of two books. She draws from the kabbalah and her personal experiences to remind us of our extraordinary potential… and pushes us onward.

“Appreciate the opposition. It’s a gift.”
–Monica Berg

You can learn more about Monica at:
Website: https://rethinklife.today/
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