#556 – Journey Of Attachment: I’m an Ogre! Creating What You Focus On

You create whatever you focus on. If someone says, “Think about anything but a pink elephant,” what comes to mind? A pink elephant, of course. So why do you focus on your “flaws” or what you perceive to be negative about yourself? By feeding into what you don’t do well or don’t like about yourself, you constantly react to it… and just create more of it.

If you believe you’re an ogre, you’ll constantly try to prove you’re not one. It all stems from childhood limitations and the stories you told yourself: Because I’m an ogre I’ll never amount to anything in life. Because I’m an ogre I’ll never be worthy of love. You don’t want this to be true so you work very hard to convince other people (and yourself) otherwise. You try to control their perception of you. But of course, by focusing on NOT being an ogre, you just perpetuate that story.

In this week’s podcast I invite you to explore your own limiting stories and how you react to them. Where do they come from? Why do they exist? How do you keep them alive in your daily life? Once you’re aware of your negative story, and how you react to it, you can stop creating it. The problem isn’t being an ogre—we all are at times. The problem is disowning that part of yourself and trying to prove you’re not one. If you accept the ogre inside and stop focusing on it, it will sit quietly and leave you alone.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
You convey a medley of confusion by trying to control perceptions. Instead, let go, be aware and align with your true self.

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