#587 – Your Dreams Aren’t Dead, They Might Just Look Different

What happened to your dreams? Did you give up on them? Or are you still waiting for them to happen, hoping that “someday” is right around the corner? Maybe what you wanted did show up, but it didn’t fulfill you. The thing about dreams is, they don’t always show up how and when you expect them to, and they don’t just fall in your lap. They require a combination of surrender and action. But not just any action; it has to be intentional, emotional action. Empty action, which is numb and devoid of emotion, may make your “dream” happen, but if you’re not connected to it, does it really bring fulfillment?

Dreams evolve, and they are not reserved for the lucky few… or the young. You can be someone who makes your life what you want it to be by aligning your emotions and actions. In this week’s episode we’ll look at common obstacles to realizing your dreams, and what to do differently. I’ll share a writing exercise to reveal your patterns and where you place your focus. It’s one I have used in my own life. Your dreams are still viable and achievable. You may just need to change course a bit and keep your eyes open to what they look like now.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Dreams come true in different packages, at different times. And through allowing yourself to think, feel and be in a place you’ve never been.

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