#600 – Freedom from Attachment: What Loyalty is so You Have Relationships You Love

Loyalty. What does that mean to you? And where did you learn it? As a kid, if you were around adults (particularly your caregivers) who lied, cheated, and/or treated others as disposable, you may have never learned what loyalty really is. As a result, you may have spent your adult life looking for greener pastures, or trying to determine when to cut bait because you don’t know how long the relationship will last and you’d rather leave before you REALLY get hurt. This doesn’t just happen with intimate relationships, either. When you lack a loyal role model, it impacts friendships and work situations too.

And the bigger issue is that you don’t know how to be loyal to yourself! You break commitments to yourself and lack boundaries, diminishing your sense of value. In this week’s episode we will explore the concept of loyalty, how your early role models framed your perception of it and why it’s so important for healthy relationships. Then we’ll look at how to shift things. When you are clear on what you want, and believe you deserve it, you’ll put energy toward deepening connections with people instead of dropping them.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Having what you want is easy once you stop trying to sabotage intimate bonds with others.

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