#619 – Freedom from Attachment: Impostor Syndrome in Relationships (REBROADCAST)

Do you know what impostor syndrome is? Perhaps you’re familiar with it in your professional life, it means the fear of being found out for being fake or phony. The you which you present isn’t really who you are or you feel others will not think it is who you are. For me, I always waited for people to find out I was a bad person, even though nothing about me is…it’s what I dreaded, personally and professionally. So, for those of you who have that feeling, guess what? It’s related to insecure attachment. Whether it’s in your career or your relationships, you never feel deserving of the love or praise you’re given and you worry about FIFO (Fear I’m Found Out). Despite working harder than anyone else to prove you’re worthy, it’s never enough. You’re a perfectionist, but nothing you do or say ever feels “perfect.” These feelings, like insecure attachment, stem back to the conditioning you received as a child.

The good news is that impostor syndrome is a story you keep telling, a facade you can take down. In this episode, you’ll learn how to put down the mask, tackle your feelings, and finally be okay with being you in or out of a relationship.

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