#639 – Freedom from Attachment: Are My Thoughts Creating My Reality? If So, My Love Life Might Be Screwed! (REBROADCAST)

#639 – Freedom from Attachment: Are My Thoughts Creating My Reality? If So, My Love Life Might Be Screwed! (REBROADCAST)

You have probably heard some version of “what you think, you create.” Meaning your thoughts create your reality. If your love life feels like a train wreck (or any part of your life, really), this can be a scary idea. Are you creating the situation you don’t want by ruminating on negative thoughts? By constantly thinking there are no “good ones” out there, are you actually making it true? Well… yes and no. Thoughts play a role, but they are not the only factor.

Trying to simply stop the thoughts or replace them with positive affirmations doesn’t make them go away. It runs much deeper than that. In this week’s podcast we’ll talk about everything that exists between thoughts and actions, and where to focus if you want to change your situation. Believing your reality is only caused by your thoughts is limiting and untrue. If you want to change what isn’t working, you need to look at your emotions, beliefs, motivation, words and actions that stem from your thoughts. The good news is if you do this, you absolutely can change your life!

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Don’t worry about what you think. Pay attention to your feelings, actions and motivation because THAT is creating your life.

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