#561 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Joel Primus

Joel Primus is an author, speaker, filmmaker and serial entrepreneur. His first success, however, was as a runner, representing Canada at the World Youth Games. His identity as a runner was everything—then he blew up his achilles and that life was over. Trying to fill a void, he hitchhiked across Canada to make a movie—until his camera fell off a cliff. Third time’s a charm? While traveling in Peru, Joel found underwear that was so much better than anything he had worn before. His company Naked was born. Over the course of the next decade, Joel put everything into growing Naked. He raised $10 million and eventually went public, but he also suffered from terrible anxiety and depression. His marriage was on the brink. He knew he needed to make sweeping changes because, as it turned out, he never really stopped running.

”The journey begins with vulnerability. When we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we don’t allow ourselves to do the work.” –Joel Primus

Once Joel stood still and focused on his inner journey, he noticed the same negative belief surfacing: I’m not good enough; I’m not worthy. He realized it framed his decision-making, and it started with his parents’ divorce. So he began questioning his choices, and why he cared what other people thought. As his self-awareness grew, his anxiety and depression lessened their grip. He reconnected with his wife. Listen to my inspiring conversation with Joel as he shares his path to letting go, and the opportunities that have come as a result. He reminds us that everything starts to unfold when you let go of the outcome. Today Joel lives on a farm with his wife and two daughters. His book “Getting Naked” was released in January 2021.

Learn more about Joel at:

Website: https://joelprimus.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joel.primus/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Primusblog

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