#671 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Marni Battista

When Marni was a kid, she knew deep down she wasn’t the favorite or the golden child, but she pretended it wasn’t true. As class president and editor of the school paper, overachieving was how she proved her worth. It wasn’t until after her failed marriage that Marni started looking for meaning that wasn’t attached to external achievements.

“What are the things you’re pretending not to know that you know? They’re the truth.” —Marni Battista

Join me for an enlightening conversation with Marni where she talks about engineering a dating process that made her “rejection-proof,” and why she sold her house to travel the country with her husband in a 400-foot RV. Today Marni is a transformational life, love, and relationship coach, as well as a podcast host and the founder of The Institute for Living Courageously. She has appeared on CBS, ABC, Dr. Phi and Loveline as a fill-in for Dr. Drew.

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Facebook: Dating With Dignity

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