#645 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Polly Bateman

As a kid, Polly wanted to be anyone other than herself. She felt like a weird kid and was uncomfortable in her own skin. Growing up in a tumultuous household with an aggressive and violent stepfather, Polly learned early on to tune into nonverbal cues, something that has served her well as a coach. As she got older, she naturally gravitated toward relationships with men who treated her poorly. Because of her low self-esteem, she put up with cheaters. She thought that’s what she deserved even though it broke her every time. Later she realized she let others treat her badly because she didn’t have a loving relationship with herself.

“The level of empathy you have for other people directly correlates with the level of empathy you have for yourself.”

Join me for some straight talk with Polly about how our experiences “code” us, how we reflect our intolerance onto others, how a picture of yourself as a child can be a powerful healing tool and much more. She’ll share a big wakeup call she had 11 years AFTER she started coaching that led to big shifts in her life and career. Today Polly works with entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, athletes and more to disrupt their beliefs and self-imposed barriers that limit their potential. She also created “The Grumpit,” a character and self-help storybook that helps children build self-esteem and grow their confidence.

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