#763: No You Don’t Have To

#763: No You Don’t Have To

Feeling trapped in the same day on repeat?

You really want so much more, a healthy relationship, work, and a feeling of peace in being alive. But, perhaps you go through the motions, but never truly break free from what feels like a prison.I lived there for years and kept waiting for things to change, but they didn’t, til I did.

Join me as I talk about the profound shift that allowed me to manifest a life of freedom, joy, and authentic alignment. Discover how four simple words—”I don’t have to”—unlocked my prison door, and then the HOW for my next steps. 


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Exercises for getting out of your head, the gateway to miracles
  • Get rid of fear-based choices and trying to control what you can’t
  • My path of overcoming attachments and becoming curiosity
  • Stop forcing things from lack and allow the universe to support your desires

“Most of us think we have to, but we don’t. Let go of the ‘shoulds’ and discover the freedom to choose your own path.”

~ Tracy Crossley


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