#595 – Freedom from Attachment: If You Only Contact Me When You Need Me, Find Someone Else To Fill the Need

Do you need to be needed by someone, believing you’re the only one who understands them? “Let me help! Call anytime… I’m always here for you.” You over-volunteer to the point of making yourself feel small and insignificant, and believe it’s the only way to keep people in your life. There is a scorecard in your head as you wait for recognition or reciprocity that never comes. And at the same time, you resent them for only contacting you when they need something. You feel angry and used, yet you don’t see how you are contributing to this dynamic.

Believing you are the only one who can help, then cursing them for taking advantage of you, is not a peaceful way to live. In this week’s podcast we’ll look at why you say yes (what do you want in return?), and what it costs you. Giving with strings attached is an opportunity to look at your motivation. When you finally stop rescuing your partner, friend, etc., they will find others who are willing to step up. You can be there for them without sacrificing yourself. Generosity is giving because you want to, not because you have to. It’s a loving act that brings you peace, compassion and connection.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Connection is what you deeply desire. Ask yourself before you commit: Can I connect authentically?

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