#596 – Freedom from Attachment: Passive Aggressive. Who Me? How To Stop and Get What You Want!

Passive aggressiveness is an indirect resistance to the demands of others, and an avoidance of direct confrontation (i.e., procrastinating, pouting, gossiping, etc.). Let’s say you hire someone and they don’t work out, but instead of having a difficult conversation about their performance, you make yourself unavailable. You don’t reply to emails and are always busy when they call. Maybe you even throw menial tasks their way—all to get them to quit. People complain all the time about passive aggressive behavior in others without acknowledging it in themselves.

Walking on eggshells is a sign of passive aggressiveness. You’re not speaking your truth. And when that happens, people have trouble trusting or bonding with you. Listen to this week’s podcast where we look at what fuels this behavior: fear of loss and shame. Shame is a dream killer and it can keep you tip-toeing through life, holding your tongue and sending mixed messages. By accepting the parts of yourself you don’t like—including your passive aggressive behavior—and speaking your truth, your words and actions start to match. People don’t worry about you saying something negative behind their back. They trust you and feel connected to you because they know you’re a straight-shooter.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Accept yourself as being okay. The more you do, the less you fear loss, and that makes you the driver on your journey.

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