#598 – Freedom from Attachment: You Can’t Take It Anymore… Yet You Stay

You can’t take it anymore. You are stuck in a toxic relationship and you want the pain to stop. You want out. But instead of taking some sort of action… you do nothing. Resistance kicks in and your whole body says, “nope!” So you stay in your own personal hell, afraid of losing what you have, even though what you have is so far away from what you want. Why? Because it’s familiar. Because breadcrumbs of love and attention are better than nothing. But is “nothing” really the only alternative?

This is not your lot in life. You are not the unlucky one who has to settle for a fraction of what you deserve. But believing you can have something meaningful and fulfilling is foreign because you have avoided intimacy your whole life. I know this pain very well because I lived it for many years. In this week’s podcast we’ll talk about empowering steps you can take to push past the resistance that keeps you stuck. Your situation is a symptom of something that is happening inside you. When you start exploring internally and connect with your feelings, you find the courage to get out of your pain.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Chemistry of love is not intense; it is not breadcrumbs. It is courage, freedom, care and deep connection!

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