#597 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Megan Huber

Megan Huber grew up in a small, rural North Carolina town with a teacher for a mom. The classroom was what she knew, so when she graduated from college with no clue about what she wanted to do, she accepted her mom’s offer to pay for a Master’s degree in teaching. That landed her as a teacher in her hometown high school right alongside her mom. Although teaching resonated with her on some level, it wasn’t until much later that Megan realized she was living her mom’s vision for her life—not her own.

“We all know the greatness that exists inside of us… and we have such a craving to let that version of ourselves run the show.” –Megan Huber

When Megan’s husband introduced her to a coaching program, it was her first real taste of personal development. There were parallels to teaching, but she still wasn’t sure how the pieces fit together or what her future looked like. She believed she had greatness in her, but it was locked inside so tightly that she had a debilitating fear of missing out on her life’s purpose. Listen to Megan’s story of individuation where she found her own teaching path (not her mother’s), let go of approval-seeking and grew her coaching business from $0-$500k in just 12 months. Today she works with coaches and other service-based entrepreneurs to reach those same goals.

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