#607 – Freedom from Attachment: How to Guarantee Nothing Ever Changes in Your Life

People always want to know if they should leave their job or their relationship or whatever situation they are unhappy with. Shouldn’t they cut their losses? Isn’t it better to chase the next bright shiny object? The problem is, when people DO make that change, they tend to repeat the same pattern in their next job or next relationship, and they become increasingly frustrated that nothing ever changes. So what’s the solution? Stay longer than is comfortable.

Your inability to stick with situations or relationships long enough to learn from them is what keeps you stuck. Without standing still and being present, you just perpetuate the pattern of cutting bait too soon, chasing what’s next, then convincing yourself this is just who you are. It’s a false story. In this week’s episode I challenge you to stay just a little bit longer than you want to. Because getting excited about the next possibility will eventually wear off and you’ll be in this same spot once again. When you’re curious about why you’re here and why staying is so uncomfortable, you get to some deeper truths that open the window to change.

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Give up the bright shiny object to stay with the old socks until you are deeply moved to grow by knowing what attracted you to the old socks in the first place.

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