#606 – Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Kirsten Ackerman

Growing up, Kirsten struggled with disordered eating and body image. Although she didn’t see the connection at the time, she later realized how much her family environment impacted her relationship with food. Her mom was a chronic dieter who talked negatively about her own body, and most of her extended family was diet-focused, so Kirsten picked up on those cues. In college she studied nutrition because food was such a focal point in her life, and she thought if she could just crack the code on eating, her struggles would be over. Of course that wasn’t true, but Kirsten continued down this path, getting her Master’s degree and becoming a registered dietician… while sneaking food and feeling like a fraud.

“What is causing people to feel out of control around food is the fact that they’re engaging in restrictive behaviors.” –Kirsten Ackerman

In this podcast, Kirsten shares the shift she experienced when she discovered intuitive eating, realizing she was NOT broken. She describes intuitive eating as a healing framework from chronic dieting where you return to your intuitive wisdom around food–before diet culture affected your relationship with food and body image. She is now an Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Her radical shift to “unconditional permission to eat” has helped so many stop the dieting roller coaster and permanently heal their relationship with food.

Learn more about Kirsten:
Website: www.theintuitiverd.com
Instagram: @theintuitive_rd
Intuitive Bites Podcast

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