#630 – Freedom from Attachment: Avoidants: Don’t Hurt Me

I get a lot of questions about avoidants. People want to know if avoidant and anxious attachment styles can be happy together, and if there is any hope for their avoidant partner. Well, it depends on the amount of emotional work an avoidant is willing to do because this stuff runs deep. As children, avoidants learned to protect themselves from being hurt, which they carry into adulthood.

Most avoidants are smart, successful people with a serious case of imposter syndrome. They fear being exposed for who they really are, so they avoid getting close to people. Their goal is not to get hurt (which they learned as a kid), but in return they sacrifice emotionally connected relationships. Join me for a deep dive into how avoidants avoid, both in relationships and in their own personal growth. Then we’ll look at how to deal with those shameful feelings of not being good enough and low self-worth to start removing the emotional armor, piece by piece.

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