#650 – Freedom from Attachment: Insecure Attachment Affects Your Job and Money Too! (REBROADCAST)

#650 – Freedom from Attachment: Insecure Attachment Affects Your Job and Money Too! (REBROADCAST)

The hard truth about insecure attachment is that it doesn’t just affect your personal relationships. It affects every part of your life, including your career.

Whether you’re struggling with boundaries at work or micromanaging your coworkers to feel validation, all your behaviors stem from fear. You’re afraid that your colleagues will see you as a failure, or they will criticize you.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I let my insecurity affect my work life for a long time. Despite being promoted, managing others, I was a huge people-pleaser and perfectionist, despite winning sales awards, I never felt fulfilled. I would swing from one management extreme to the next, micromanaging and then letting them fend for themselves. I held so many negative feelings toward my work, as I was truly disconnected from it, but I stayed there because I was afraid.

This insecure attachment is costing you opportunities, money, and happiness. If you’re ready to make a change and start taking action in your work, listen to today’s episode.

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