#651 – Freedom from Attachment: Feeling Out of Control From No Text Response (or Wanting a Better One!)

You just poured your heart out to a friend or mate via text and got some annoying response like “sorry to hear that,” or no reply at all. What gives? Now on top of feeling vulnerable from what you just shared, you’re hurt, confused and angry. How dare they make you feel this way! Wait, how can someone MAKE you feel something? They can’t. No one reaches inside you and presses a button that causes your reaction. You feel this way because you’re attached to an outcome; perhaps you were expecting sympathy, validation, concern or something else from them.

This is how insecure attachment works, folks. Wanting something from someone and not getting it can stir up anxiety and neediness, or it can cause you to shut down and run. Maybe both! The antidote? First, understand your intention. Second, speak your truth because truth isn’t attached to an outcome. It is a pure expression from your heart that expects nothing in return. That’s what we’re talking about in this episode because expectations like these are painful, and they can damage relationships.

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