#653 – Freedom from Attachment: What Your Parents Chose To Do Had Nothing To Do With You (REBROADCAST)

When you’re a kid and your mom or dad reacted to you at times as though you had done something wrong, and you had not. You might have felt misunderstood or confused by their words or actions. In those moments, mom or dad were dealing with their own stuff and some of their frustration, anger, exhaustion, sadness, anxiety, etc was put on you. As an adult, do you still carry baggage leftover from your parents’ choices? We are clueless as kids, we have no idea why mom or dad feel how they do and treat us how they do. They weren’t saying, “Hey, I am really frustrated by this problem at work and I am sorry I took it out on you.” Or maybe they ignored you, no matter how much you wanted their attention? And at other time they told you that you were too much, too difficult, or always doing something wrong. Whatever it was that created the idea that you were somehow responsible for how your parents felt, it was not a true observation, even if they said how they felt was all your fault.

The truth is: Your parents projected their own insecurities and issues onto you. Their choices had nothing to do with you, in how they chose to treat you and everything to do with the qualities they were lacking in how to deal.

It’s time to put down the baggage you’ve been carrying. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn how to break through your old thoughts of who you are through someone else’s eyes, and become who you really are.

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