#654 – Freedom from Attachment: I’m Not Good Enough or Too Much or… Let it Stop Stealing Your Happiness

Negative beliefs have a field day in your head, but they also creep out to your interactions with others, to you looking in the mirror and being judgmental and a plethora of other ways you rain on your own parade. Why do you need to be anyone else? You are YOU…more feminine or more masculine—there is no right or wrong, but the truth is so many of you judge how you are supposed to be and then the sinking feeling when things do not go your way hits and you feel too much or not enough.

Feeling not enough or too much in the moment stops you in the middle of a conversation, in the middle of anything and everything inside of your body. That heaviness, may have you immediately switch course to find a way to hide out, or it may have you say things out of fear of losing whatever attention you have on you….those feelings influence your choices when you are not okay with them.

The judgment stick you use is what makes it hard to do the things you really want to do. And if it is a relationship, a job, money, socialization or just getting out of bed, it will deflate your energy and have you play small. Keeping you hooked in the scarcity of whatever you fear.

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