#663 – Freedom from Attachment: Attachment Denial: Can I Make It Healthy?

Oh denial, what a comfy, cozy place it can be. Especially when you’re in denial about being attached. It’s easier to dress it up to family and friends so it doesn’t sound as bad as it feels. It’s easier to lie to yourself so you don’t have to deal with disappointment. And maybe, if you deny what’s going on, you won’t have to face all those painful negative feelings, right? Wrong. Hoping and wishing for something to be different doesn’t make those feelings disappear or lessen over time. It just strengthens them, keeping you miserable.

Denying your situation is the opposite of trusting yourself because it says you can’t handle it (which is not true). In this episode we’ll look at what you’re sacrificing to live in denial about your attachment, and what it’s ultimately costing you. Healthy relationships exist in reality. When you admit you’re attached, you’ll be one brave step closer to having the loving, happy relationship you deserve.

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