#669 – Freedom from Attachment: Is Your Attachment To Dieting Holding You Back?

#669 – Freedom from Attachment: Is Your Attachment To Dieting Holding You Back?

This episode is for all the chronic dieters out there. That used to be me. I was just as attached to dieting as I was to finding the perfect partner. Yes, attached to dieting because attachment usually doesn’t restrict itself to one area of your life. Whether the object of your attachment is a partner or food, they both come from a state of lack; you need something (or someone) to fill you up.

If you believe you’ll be worthy of love once you hit your ideal weight, you might be attached to dieting. If you use food to soothe yourself (then crash diet and berate yourself) because doing deeper emotional work is hard, you might be attached to dieting. In this episode I’ll point out the similarities between love attachment and food/diet attachment, plus a few steps to bring more awareness to what you’re doing and why. If you are constantly at war with food and it’s keeping you from living your life, this one’s for you.

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