#15 – The Power of Me: Are You Too Emotional as a Leader?

#15 – Are You Too Emotional as a Leader?

I think it’s pretty ridiculous that society suggests showing emotion is a sign of weakness. I believe it’s actually courageous because it tells others you are comfortable and confident in who you are. I mean we’re humans, afterall, not robots. But let’s be clear: I’m not talking about temper tantrums or uncontrolled outbursts. That’s something entirely different. I’m talking about being emotive because you are connected to your feelings.

Knowing your emotions taps into your intuition and can help with decision-making when you feel stuck or confused. It also helps with relatability, openness and confidence. So how do you use your authentic emotions to maximize your success as a leader? That’s what we cover in this episode. We’ll look at what drives you to mask your emotions—is it fear of appearing weak, people not liking you, losing control? Connecting with your emotions is empowering, and it can actually grow your confidence as a leader.


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