#682 – Freedom from Attachment: Breaking the Toxic Anxious-Avoidant Relationship Cycle (REBROADCAST)

#682 – Freedom from Attachment: Breaking the Toxic Anxious-Avoidant Relationship Cycle (REBROADCAST)

The same dance happens all the time in unhealthy relationships between an anxious and an avoidant. The anxious struggles with self-value so they perform: see me, pay attention to me! This neediness causes the avoidant to run. But then, when the avoidant is away, they miss their anxious partner. They want to feel that “closeness” again so the avoidant returns and the whole cycle goes on repeat with the anxious clinging and the avoidant running.

The anxious partner tends to blame the avoidant for problems in the relationship because THEY did the leaving. Anxious see themselves as the emotional ones while their avoidant partners are robots. In truth, the anxious person is avoiding too. They are avoiding their feelings and avoiding responsibility. Both parties want control, blaming the other person so there is a winner and a loser. Where is the love in that?? In this week’s podcast we’ll dig into attached relationships driven by fear and anxiety. There are no winners and losers here—only losers. Whether you are the anxious or avoidant partner, learn how to break the cycle by focusing on yourself so you change the way you show up in relationships. There IS a better way!

WISDOM NUGGET (#wisdomnugget)
Whether you are anxious or avoidant, it is about YOU, not the other person. And since it IS you, you can change your relationships NOW.

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