#698 - Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Brian Nickerson

#698 - Moving On to a Healthy and Thriving Life! with Brian Nickerson

Brian Nickerson is the Co-Founder and CEO of MagicLinks, an award-winning full-stack influencer marketing platform and the global leader in social video commerce. Built with over $1B GMV in eCommerce transactions across 25k+ video influencers and 30B views, Match IntelligenceTM, MagicLinks Secret Sauce, accurately predicts which influencers will drive the best outcomes for brands based on sales and reach goals.

Nickerson earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Engineering and Economics. Prior to helping brands win big with influencer technology innovations, he helped the Los Angeles Dodgers win big as their third baseman in the minor leagues.

In this episode, Brian shares his journey as a former professional baseball player turned entrepreneur, the importance of embracing failure as a learning experience, and the significance of delegation and scaling. He also gives insights on how to use high-performance index exercises to improve company culture and shares three key tips for business success.

“I think great things aren’t achieved unless you’re willing to be bold.”

“Most change starts with awareness. If you don’t know or don’t understand that there’s an issue, it’s pretty hard to change it. But once you are aware of something, then the energy starts to flow in a way that can change.”

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