#700 - They Said They Love Me! Why Don’t They Act Like it?!

#700 - They Said They Love Me! Why Don’t They Act Like it?!

“He said he loves me! Okay, so why doesn’t he act like it!!” Oh man, the pain and agony of insecure attachment, even when your partner says those three little words. In this episode, we dive into the idea of attachment and unrealistic expectations that come with it. From focusing on struggle to telling ourselves stories and little white lies about what “I love you” or any meaningful statement, “I love how you drink your beer!” means, so that we can continually be in a state of pain and yearning.

This episode will challenge your assumptions and help you take responsibility for your choices in relationships. By becoming aware of your thoughts and questioning your expectations, you can break free from the conditioning of attachment and start loving yourself. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening discussion about the power of what your partner or date says and what it really means.

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