#713 - Moving On To A Healthy And Thriving Life! with Ken Bechtel

#713 - Moving On To A Healthy And Thriving Life! with Ken Bechtel

In a world filled with external expectations and obstacles, it’s crucial to tune into your inner desires and follow your “yes.” Join Tracy in an enlightening episode of “Moving On” as she interviews Ken Bechtel, an acclaimed author, speaker, and mentor, who shares invaluable insights on the transformative power of following your divine guidance. Ken emphasizes the importance of embracing unexpected outcomes and trusting that every piece of the puzzle is there for a reason.

During their conversation, Ken and Tracy dive into the topic of shame and its role as a catalyst for change. Rather than viewing shame as something to be healed, Ken urges listeners to identify its source and take proactive steps to prevent its recurrence. Discover how recognizing and working through shame can provide clarity on your next steps towards personal growth and self-discovery.

Ken’s book, Follow Your Yes provides further exploration of the concept of following your inner guidance and offers practical advice on navigating life’s obstacles.

Immerse yourself and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Let Ken and Tracy’s empowering words resonate within you as they guide you towards staying true to yourself and fearlessly embracing life’s intricate puzzle. By following your “yes” and embracing your inner guidance, you’ll unlock the door to profound growth and fulfillment that await you.

Learn more about Ken here:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/followyouryes/?hl=en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KenWBechtel
Website: https://www.kenbechtel.com/

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