#717 - Taming Your Ego to Have Your Soulmate

#717 - Taming Your Ego to Have Your Soulmate

Having your soulmate may seem impossible or that it could happen, but with conditions. This episode shines a light on how the ego gets in the way because of its fierce pursuit of survival while spinning illusions of specialness. You ever notice how you make someone special when you are attached to the idea of them? You ever notice how you need to be special too? Yeah, its not love, it’s ego. Tracy shares her personal journey to taming the ego, revealing a path to genuine love (not attachment) and inner peace.

Whether it’s a fulfilling love relationship, financial prosperity, or internal harmony you seek, in this episode, Tracy provides practical steps towards self-awareness to redirect your energy towards your true north star.

No more hiding or forcing—embrace a sincere journey towards self-discovery, freedom, and joy. Tune in to find the path to having your soulmate through your authentic vibe to attract your desires.

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