#719 - Avoidants Do Have Feelings

#719 - Avoidants Do Have Feelings

Avoidants have feelings, but they may not be what you expect. This episode shines a light on the complex world of avoidants, revealing how fear and control can mask genuine emotions. You ever notice how avoidants act nice but push others away? You ever notice that you could be one? Do you build walls when triggered? Yeah, it’s not coldness (and if you’ve been accused then you know how that feels), it’s fear. Tracy dives into the psyche of avoidants, sharing insights into why they behave the way they do and how they can break free.

Whether it’s understanding your own avoidant tendencies, learning how to interact with an avoidant in your life, or seeking a path to real love and connection, in this episode, Tracy provides practical steps towards self-awareness to navigate these challenging dynamics.

No more confusion or frustration—embrace a sincere journey towards empathy, understanding, and growth. Tune in to find the path to recognizing and addressing avoidant behavior, unlocking the potential for healthy, happy relationships.

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